[Mesa-dev] Reworking the g3dvl interface and mpeg 2 bitstream parser

deathsimple at vodafone.de deathsimple at vodafone.de
Wed Aug 24 14:51:45 PDT 2011


the following patchset is the second version of reworking the g3dvl
driver interface. Additionally to the first version it also replaces the
mpeg 2 bitstream decoder and all the GPL licensed code with another

The new bitstream parser is based on code from Maarten Lankhorst and me,
but it could still use some speed improvements. The new code uses the
decode_macroblock interface that is also used for XvMC, so it should be
usable for hardware drivers as well. In opposite to the XvMC interface
it doesn't implement zscan, quant and mismatch control inside the
bitstream parser, so that still needs to be done on the hardware side.

Sorry for the delay, beside recovering from a hard-disk crash, I needed
a couple of days to hammer out all the bugs.


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