[Mesa-dev] [PATCH] glsl: Fail linking if a global is both a uniform and non-uniform.

Kenneth Graunke kenneth at whitecape.org
Fri Aug 26 11:13:51 PDT 2011

On 08/25/2011 01:30 PM, Chad Versace wrote:
> We weren't catching this? Embarrassing.
> Reviewed-by: Chad Versace <chad at chad-versace.us>
> We may also want to emit an error when a variable is declared as 'in'
> a VS and as 'out' in a FS. But I'm not sure that's actually illegal.

Ian mentioned the case of 'uniform vec4 foo' in one stage and 'vec4 foo'
in another.  There is a sensible thing to do there, so until we find
spec language or ascertain what other vendors do, I'm going to hold off
on this patch for now.

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