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--- Comment #1 from Vadim <ptpzz at yandex.ru> 2011-08-26 17:35:22 PDT ---
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> The game Cogs is very slow with the r300g (and r600g) driver. This was
> originally mentioned in bug 39572, however that bug was about different problem
> and is already closed. There are two experimental patches for r300g and r600g
> in that bug, so I'm opening a new bug to keep track of them. Setting component
> to mesa core because the problem seems to be in u_vbuf_manager.

I think it's not a mesa problem, it's a problem of the game which uses opengl
in the way which is clearly described in the gl spec as the way to get reduced
performance. This patch is a workaround for the game problem and it was written
just to check that I located the problem correctly. All other (properly
optimized) apps won't benefit from this patch, probably they'll become a bit
slower due to additional overhead with this workaround. That's why I'm not sure
that I want to submit such patches to mesa.

The best solution is to fix the game itself, so I think it makes sense to ask
the game developers about it (or to open the sources).

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