[Mesa-dev] [PATCH v2 0/8] i965 gen6: Pass-through GS program for future use by transform feedback

Paul Berry stereotype441 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 7 11:09:08 PST 2011

Ok, I've cleaned up and made changes according to the suggestions made
on the mailing list.  I believe all that needs review now is patch 5/8
(Allocate URB space for GS).  On Eric's suggestion, I changed this
patch to only allocate URB space for the GS when the GS is actually in
use.  The PRM indicates the need for some kind of flushing when URB
entries are reallocated from the GS to the VS, but it's not clear
exactly how to do the flush, so for now we just do a full pipeline
flush in this situation.

I'm hoping that I can get review on that this afternoon while I'm
re-checking my piglit results, and push the patches this evening.

[PATCH v2 1/8] mesa: Track changes to transform feedback state.
[PATCH v2 2/8] i965 gs: Remove unnecessary mapping of key->primitive.
[PATCH v2 3/8] i965: Only convert if/else to conditional adds prior to Gen6.
[PATCH v2 4/8] i965: Set the maximum number of GS URB entries on Sandybridge.
[PATCH v2 5/8] i965 gen6: Allocate URB space for GS
[PATCH v2 6/8] i965 gs: Clean up dodgy register re-use, at the cost of a few MOVs.
[PATCH v2 7/8] i965: Clean up misleading defines for DWORD 2 of URB_WRITE header.
[PATCH v2 8/8] i965 gen6: Implement pass-through GS for transform feedback.

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