[Mesa-dev] Mesa Hardware Acceleration in RHEL 5.3

srini rajini srini.rajini at gmail.com
Thu Feb 3 22:39:57 PST 2011

Hello Everyone,
   I am implementing the native platform called FLIP in Mesa 7.8.2. EGL
code.my development platform is RHEL 5.3 which carry the kernel 2.8.18. I am
referring native implementation of X11, to do this, and of-course its using
softpipe right now, now i can able to divert EGL calles to the file called
native_flip.c rather going to native_x11.c. I verified the implementation
with GLES application its working fine. but the frame rate is not fare
enough for development environment, i want to improve this by adding
graphics card. i have the below query to enable this. could anyone please
help me in doing so.

1) what kind of graphics card i can use with Mesa 7.8.2 and Kernel 2.8.18 to
enable hardware acceleration. though i aware that DRI is enable from kernel
2.6.28 and above, i am interested in some driver which doesn't falls with
DRI architecture like Nvidia Cards. my doubt is which series of Nividia will
fit in perfectly.

2) which is the file i can refer as the model, to enable hardware

thanks in advance,
waiting to hear back.

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