[Mesa-dev] glXMakeCurrent crashes (was: Re: How to obtain OpenGL implementation/driver information?)

Benoit Jacob bjacob at mozilla.com
Fri Feb 4 15:39:42 PST 2011

The problem with this approach is that this is affect the startup time of my application. I am looking for a solution that is not only safe, but also fast.

This could conceivably be run in parallel, though. If that eliminated the performance issue, it would remain that such a solution is a lot more complicated than what we have to do on other platforms.


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> If you really need to do some basic sanity checking and verify that
> libGL / libX11 aren't totally broken, you could do something like
> autoconf does and run a small, trivial GLX test program before your
> main app. You could invoke the test program from a shell script
> wrapper (or maybe from in the main app via fork/exec). Check if the
> test program exits abnormally, and disable OpenGL if needed.
> -Brian

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