[Mesa-dev] r600g: Fixed SIN/COS/SCS for the case where the operand is a literal.

Tilman Sauerbeck tilman at code-monkey.de
Thu Jan 13 23:06:27 PST 2011

Christian König [2011-01-13 23:15]:
> i just pushed a rework of the literal handling in r600g to master.
> This rework replaces/extends your patch with a (hopefully) more general
> resolution to the problem.
> I have tested my patch quite a bit, but currently don't have a good test
> case at hand for the SIN/COS/SCS functions. I assume that since your
> patch was committed just two days ago that you have a good code example
> which doesn't worked before this patch.

My patch fixed the "SIN test", "COS test" and "SCS test" of glean's
fragProg1 (as included in piglit).

> Could you test this again and see if your fix is still working?

Yes, the tests still pass.


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