[Mesa-dev] WebGL test suite, and whitelisting drivers / OpenGL implementations in Firefox

Sven Arvidsson sa at whiz.se
Mon Jan 17 12:41:55 PST 2011

On Mon, 2011-01-17 at 20:15 +0100, Jakob Bornecrantz wrote:
> Huh? llvmpipe and softpipe should both hit bug 33204 as they share the
> same swrast code.

Not really sure what's going on then. glxinfo reports that llvmpipe is
in use, but I'm not sure how to confirm this in Firefox (besides the
obvious spike in CPU usage).

> >        [16027:16027:778041328688:ERROR:gl_context_linux.cc(592)] glXCreatePbuffer failed.
> >        [16027:16027:778041330908:ERROR:gl_context_linux.cc(710)] XCreatePixmap failed.
> >        [16027:16027:778041330921:ERROR:gpu_info_collector_linux.cc(132)] gfx::GLContext::CreateOffscreenGLContext(NULL) failed
> >        [16027:16027:778041362564:ERROR:gl_context_linux.cc(592)] glXCreatePbuffer failed.
> >        [16027:16027:778041365220:ERROR:gl_context_linux.cc(710)] XCreatePixmap failed.
> >        [16027:16027:778041365235:ERROR:gpu_processor_linux.cc(42)] GPUProcessor::Initialize failed
> Are these from chromium or FF?


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