[Mesa-dev] Building internal glsl_compiler with builtin_function.o instead of builtin-stubs.o?

Kenneth Graunke kenneth at whitecape.org
Thu Jul 7 22:39:12 PDT 2011

On 07/07/2011 06:13 PM, Dan McCabe wrote:
> Is there a good reason not to build the internal glsl_compiler (in
> mesa/src/glsl) and link it with builtin_function.o? It is currently
> being built with builtin_stubs.o.

Ian changed that in bf9850db to kludge around some kind of linker errors
he was getting.  It's entirely wrong.  glsl_compiler links with
libglsl.a, which includes builtin_function.o.  So there's no reason at
all for it to luse builtin_stubs.o (which is _only_ meant for

Removing it seems to work fine here...for the moment.  But I do remember
seeing it break the build on his system.  No idea why.  I guess I should
try it on Fedora sometime.

> I can understand why builtin_compiler uses builtin_stubs.o instead of
> builtin_function.o (to avoid conflicts while building
> builtin_functions.cpp, which is why builtin_compiler exists in the first
> place). But we build BOTH builtin-compiler and glsl_compiler, and having
> the latter build with actual builtin functions instead of nothing makes
> it useful to debug the code generated by the builtin functions (as well
> as other tests that rely on the builtin functions).

Yeah, absolutely.

> cheers, danm

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