[Mesa-dev] Upcoming Mesa releases

Ian Romanick idr at freedesktop.org
Tue Jun 7 12:13:09 PDT 2011

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We've accumulated a lot of fixes in the 7.10 branch, so it seems like we
should do a 7.10.3 release soon.  How do Friday (6/10) or Monday (6/13)

There's also a huge number of changes sitting in master, and quite a few
distros are shipping "7.11-devel" in their bleeding edge repositories.
It also occurs to me that releasing 7.11 in 7/11 seems right.

How does this sound for a strawman proposal:

 * Feature freeze / branch creation on 6/24.  From this point on, the
7.11 branch will be treated just like any other stable branch.

 * Mesa 7.11-rc1 on 7/8/2011.

 * Mesa 7.11-rc2 on 7/15/2011.

 * Mesa 7.11 final on 7/22/2011.

This gives two weeks until the feature freeze, and two more weeks (for
stabilization) until the first RC.

Does this seem like a reasonable plan?

This puts 7.11 just about six months after 7.10.  Six months between
major releases seems like a good cadence.  Mesa 7.12 (or 8.0) in January?

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