[Mesa-dev] leak of gem_objects on intel i965

Lampersperger Andreas lampersperger.andreas at heidenhain.de
Tue Jun 14 03:20:28 PDT 2011


running my application over a long time results in a kernel freeze or OOM kill, because reparenting a gtkglext drawing area on a intel i965 causes a leak of gem_objects. I use the following versions:

libdrm 2.4.23
xorg-server 1.10.2
mesa 7.10.2

Does anyone know if there is known bug with this versions and a leak of gem_objects on intel i965?

I did a lot of debugging the last weeks, but I have no glue, where/how the buffers have to be freed, which are requested from the xserver in the function DRI2GetBuffersWithFormat(..) at dri2.c:431. Can anyone explain to me how these buffers are managed?

Through debugging I made the following guess:

The reference to the buffers requestet from Xserver via DRI2GetBuffersWithFormat(..) are kept in "loaderPrivate" struct of a __DRIdrawable, is this right? 

But I found no code where these buffers are unreferenced/destroyed/freed.

Thanks for any answer.


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