[Mesa-dev] [Bug 38312] Swrast doesn't really know whether a Framebuffer object is bound

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Wed Jun 15 06:43:17 PDT 2011


--- Comment #16 from Benoit Jacob <bjacob at mozilla.com> 2011-06-15 06:43:14 PDT ---
Tony, if you have time, could you please try running firefox with apitrace as
explained in comment 13?

Note: you'll need to install cmake and you'll need to cd to the apitrace
directory you just cloned before running cmake.

Please use a debug build of Firefox for that, for example the latest build I
made for you, as we need to see where that "WARNING: Error resizing offscreen
framebuffer -- framebuffer not complete" was printed and it's only printed in
debug builds. Please keep MOZ_X_SYNC=1 but no need for MOZ_GL_DEBUG_VERBOSE=1
as apitrace replaces that.

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