[Mesa-dev] Status of VDPAU and XvMC state-trackers (was Re: Build error on current xvmc-r600 pipe-video)

Andy Furniss andyqos at ukfsn.org
Sat May 7 02:50:53 PDT 2011

Christian König wrote:

> But how do you test this? Are you using the mplayer or some other tool
> to get the vdpau output playing without synchronisation? Asking because
> I'm still searching for something similar to mpeg2play_accel, a very
> simple tool to hack and test the interface.

I am just using mplayer like -

VDPAU_DRIVER=g3dvl mplayer -vc ffmpeg12vdpau -vo vdpau

To get any output I have to comment out a couple of lines in


//vdp_st = vdp_presentation_queue_set_background_color(vdp_flip_queue, 
//CHECK_ST_ERROR("Error when calling 

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