[Mesa-dev] gallium scaled types

Jose Fonseca jfonseca at vmware.com
Tue Nov 1 06:29:05 PDT 2011

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> Anyway, you guys are doing it, and it doesn't seem like Keith or Brian have an opinion, so as far as I'm concerned, feel free to decide among yourselves and start coding away in a branch.
> I only have two requirements:
> - there must be no regression on llvmpipe upon merging.  (svga is
> equally important, but its capabilities in terms of formats are
> quite constrained so I doubt there will be any issues. llvmpipe, on
> the other hand, supports pretty most of the formats out there, most
> of them through LLVM IR, and the remainder trhough u_format's code).
> - u_format's current functionality must not degrade -- i.e., don't
> remove the ability to pack/unpack/fetch _any_ integer format from/to
> 4 x floats or 4 x unorm8, just because GL/D3D doesn't allow it.
> That's all!

After wasting so much time on this topic, and conceding on most points, I'm disappointed that the new pure integers formats were added without support for converting to/from floats (my 2nd request above) which ended up causing obscures bugs in llvmpipe (my 1st request).

I regret having been so laissez-faire -- I should had made a fuss in the review request when my 2nd request was ignored --, but I learnt my lesson. 


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