[Mesa-dev] TGSI declarations missing type info

Dave Airlie airlied at gmail.com
Sun Nov 13 07:06:10 PST 2011

Hi guys,

Just been looking at llvmpipe integer support and it seems like we
lose some information about the type of data stored into temporaries,

after st_glsl_to_cpp we no longer know what type the temporaries are,
and llvm would really like to know and I can't see any reason that
TGSI doesn't contain the info. Having untyped temp decls means we'd
have to allocate some sort of "union" via aliases I guess in llvmpipe
for all temps so we can store int/float in them.

I've attached a run of glsl-vs-loop from llvmpipe with integer opcodes
forced on. (llvmpipe-int-test branch of my repo).

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