[Mesa-dev] reworking pipe_video_decoder / pipe_video_buffer

Andy Furniss andyqos at ukfsn.org
Mon Nov 28 12:31:32 PST 2011

Maarten Lankhorst wrote:

> For some reason mplayer handles all the above images as progressive with vdpau,
> and it sets picture_structure to 3. I can see the interlacing on movement, but it
> doesn't seem like mplayer tells vdpau it is interlaced, sigh. :/

That's a shame. Is there another way that the decoder will know that 
it's dealing with interlaced? I see lots of reference to interlaced at 
motion block type level.

Thinking of the future - doesn't H264 have MBAFF - so is mplayer 
expected to tell the decoder for each motion block?

Does mplayer behave differently if you use -vo vdpau:deint=1?

>> IIRC it says in the vdpau headers/somewhere that nvidia keep fields separate internally.
> Doesn't look like it says it in the headers, but it doesn't really surprise me..

Hmm,  I can't find where I read that now.

I did see in the libvdpau header (really this time) that it's OK to 
treat what the player flags as progressive as interlaced to allow for 
mixed streams and bad edits.

But I read on the nvidia site that they don't advise this (not sure if 
they mean just in a telecine case, though)

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