[Mesa-dev] Completing the VDPAU state tracker

Christian König deathsimple at vodafone.de
Tue Feb 28 08:55:43 PST 2012

On 28.02.2012 00:53, Andy Furniss wrote:
> Christian König wrote:
>> Hi everyone,
>> the following patchset adds most of the still missing functionality 
>> to the VDPAU state tracker, including the support for bitmap surfaces 
>> so Alpha Substation Subtitles in mplayer now seems to work fine.
>> It also improves the general video playback functionality to use page 
>> flipping instead of copying the frame content around. So we now get 
>> fullscreen tear free video playback even on a secondary output.
> This is nice vsync - I can finally really use vdpau on my TV now 
> rather than gl. Is there a way to turn it off for benchmarking?
Not really, since we now use page flipping (at least when the video is 
fullscreen) the hardware just automatically uses the new frame content 
after the next vsync, there isn't even code involved - it's a pure 
hardware feature!

> xvmc is much better now its' buffers don't get mixed up, I saw it tear 
> once but couldn't repeat.
What could happen is that we draw to the back buffer while that is still 
being displayed, but that can happen only once after switching from 
fullscreen to windowed or resizing the window and in that case you have 
other problems.

>> Please be aware that some patches are only compile tested, since I 
>> couldn't find a good test case for the function being implemented.
> Are the kernel bugs mentioned rejected CS when resizing?
Nope, that one is new to me, thanks. I've just noticed that there seems 
to be a frame of garbage when resizing the window.
But that looks like a bug in the DDX instead of mesa, going to ping the 
other devs where to start digging for it.


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