[Mesa-dev] Completing the VDPAU state tracker

Andy Furniss andyqos at ukfsn.org
Wed Feb 29 03:33:35 PST 2012

Christian König wrote:

>> xvmc is much better now its' buffers don't get mixed up, I saw it tear
>> once but couldn't repeat.

I spoke too soon about xvmc - I was concentrating on SD which is "fixed" 
by the patches.

HD with or without these is still quite broken.

It doesn't look like out of order I would guess it could be a timing 
thing - almost constant cadence, it looks like a lot of the time when 
say, playing 30fps on 60Hz you are getting a couple of frames per 
refresh then waiting a couple. It does vary over time but is 90% wrong. 
The same stream forced to 60 fps looks OK.

It could be an mplayer thing of course I will have to try something 
different sometime and find some different streams.

Until now I've mostly tested without vsync, but looking critically, 
VDPAU is not quite there either, even with sw decode trying to play HD 
at half refresh results in short periods of cadence that don't happen 
with gl or xv. This is with or without these patches.

cpufreq is set to perf for all these tests and turning GPU up doesn't help.

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