[Mesa-dev] Mesa llvmpipe for WebGL software rendering

Benoit Jacob bjacob at mozilla.com
Wed Feb 29 16:06:18 PST 2012

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> On Die, 2012-02-28 at 09:08 -0800, Benoit Jacob wrote:
> > 
> > At Mozilla we've been wondering if we could get a good software
> > fallback for users who can't get hardware-accelerated WebGL. Mesa
> > llvmpipe seems like the best open source OpenGL renderer, right? At
> > least, it performed superbly in our quick tests.
> [...]
> > 3. On GNU/Linux: why isn't Mesa llvmpipe installed by default by
> > most
> > distros? Is there a real reason or is it just that nobody asked for
> > it, or nobody saw a need for it? Trying to figure if llvmpipe
> > installed by default everywhere (on Linux) is something we can
> > realistically hope for.
> One thing to keep in mind for this is that llvmpipe currently doesn't
> work on PowerPC architectures

PowerPC is not a big concern for us.

Besides x86 and x86-64, the other arch we care about is ARM (v7 and soon v6 too).


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