[Mesa-dev] [RFC] r600-r800 2D tiling

Jerome Glisse j.glisse at gmail.com
Thu Jan 12 11:50:27 PST 2012


I don't cross post as i am pretty sure all interested people are reading
this mailing-list.

Attached is kernel, libdrm, ddx, mesa/r600g patches to enable 2D tiling
on r600 to cayman. I haven't yet done a full regression testing but 2D
tiling seems to work ok. I would like to get feedback on 2 things :

- the kernel API
- using libdrm/radeon as common place for surface allocation

The second question especialy impact the layering/abstraction of gallium
btw winsys as it make libdrm/radeon_surface API a part of the winsys.
The ddx doesn't need as much knowledge as mesa (pretty much the whole
mipmap tree is pointless to the ddx). So anyone have strong feeling
about moving the whole mipmap tree computation to this common code ?

The mesa patch is design to have both code path living next to each
other, it was easier for debuguing. If we go forward plan is to remove
the whole old code from r600g and rely on libdrm/radeon_surface.

To test you need to set ColorTiling2D to true in your xorg.conf, plan
is to get mesa 8.0 and newer with proper support for 2D tiling and
in 1 year, to move ColorTiling2D default value from false to true.
(assumption is that by then we could assume that someone with a working
ddx would also have a supported mesa)


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