[Mesa-dev] Mesa 8.0 regression - two bugs

Deve deveee at gmail.com
Wed Jul 11 12:25:08 PDT 2012


I'm writing about two bugs which I see on 8.0 - now 8.0.4 version of 
mesa. It was OK on mesa 7.11.2, after upgrade to 8.0 is problem.

First is starting movie in Sims 3 run by Wine. It runs VERY slow. The 
later part of game runs ok. Example:
Problem is with other games too, for example with transparency object.

Other problem is with Super Tux Kart game. It's only with enabled pixel 
shaders. Edge of screen looks badly. Example:

I don't have enough skills to do solid bug report so I'm writing to 
mailing list. If you want, you can write to mi what information you need 
and how it to do.

Lastest working version: 7.11.2
OS Debian Wheezy/Sid
Intel 965GM Chipset
Intel drivers 2.19.0
Kernel 3.2.21
libc6 2.13
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