[Mesa-dev] Pure OpenGL|ES 1.1 s/w renderer

Ilyes Gouta ilyes.gouta at gmail.com
Thu Oct 25 02:01:55 PDT 2012


Alright, I'm pursuing this idea about splitting mesa into two
components, where state tracking happens on the host processor,
whereas a second co-processor gets to do the s/w rendering. The two
parts would be communicating via a RPC mechanism and sharing the
textures and render target buffers. The CPUs are in an AMP

Do you know if the code base (most importantly the data structure) is
already designed to achieve this? Has this been done before?

Best regards,


On Thu, Oct 25, 2012 at 2:34 AM, Kenneth Graunke <kenneth at whitecape.org> wrote:
> On 10/24/2012 02:44 PM, Ilyes Gouta wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm rather new to mesa and would like to ask if there is still a pure
>> s/w rendering path for the OpenGL|ES 1.1 pipeline in mesa; that's not
>> LLVM based (gallium) but just plain C?
>> If yes, what's it status vs. GLES and is there any additional
>> dependencies?
>> Thanks,
>> -Ilyes
> There are two actually: softpipe (Gallium based software rasterizer which
> doesn't use LLVM), and swrast (the older classic Mesa software rasterizer).
> swrast appears to pass a decent set of the ES 1 conformance suite. Either
> would probably be fine.
> --Ken

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