[Mesa-dev] [Bug 60737] In GLSL ES, a missing FS precision qualifier does not generate an error

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--- Comment #1 from Paul Berry <stereotype441 at gmail.com> ---
Ok, this turned out to be more complex than I thought (don't they always?).  In
addition to the problem described above:

1. The spec says that default precision statements are alowed on sampler types.
 Mesa doesn't respect this.

2. Only the sampler types sampler2D and samplerCube have a default precision
defined.  The remaining sampler types require precision statements in *all*
shaders.  (However, in my experiments with the proprietary nVidia driver for
Linux, it appears not to enforce this).

3. The spec says that default precision statements are scoped, which means that
this bug won't be trivial to fix (the code we write to keep track of which
types the shader has declared a default precision for will have to be

Out of all of these problems, only problem 1 seems necessary to fix in the
short run, since it is the only problem that would cause Mesa to reject an
otherwise-correct shader.  I have a patch out on the mailing list to fix it
Once that patch lands I'll downgrade the priority of this bug appropriately.

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