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--- Comment #4 from James Ogden <rexhunter99 at gmail.com> ---
(In reply to comment #3)
> Please, please, please don't use display lists, and don't use bitmaps. 
> Display lists are basically nvidia-only for performance, so it's a bad route
> to go.  Use normal texturing and "discard" instructions to render your
> bitmaps, or normal texturing and alhpa blending if you're doing fixed
> function.  Sticking your textures in one big atlas and vertex data in a vbo,
> you'll get way better performance than you'd ever get out of bitmap.

Really dude, did you not read anything I said?  It's a compatibility thing,
plus the people who play this game are mostly either kids or computer
illiterates so if a font texture goes bye bye because of something silly they
did, I'll be the one who has to personally troubleshoot their issue. I *want*
to use the proper method, but I've had that many issues in the past with
relying on users being intelligent enough to keep track of their file system
that I now know better.  I know they're slow, I know they're deprecated and I
do care, but I don't have much choice if I want to stay sane.

Oh and my last machine was an AMD ATi setup, dual radeon graphics, display
lists worked fine using the official drivers, or 3rd party ones, I just hate
APUs which is why I upgraded as soon as the laptop died before the warranty ran
out. So this isn't a case of nvidia drivers being better than the rest.

(In reply to comment #2)
> Yeah, I think we're relying on the meta path for glBitmap in many cases.  We're > probably hitting software rasterization.
> Still, 120 fps -> 8 fps is clearly not reasonable.
> What generation of Intel hardware are you running?  (lspci -nn would tell you.)  > Can you post an apitrace which exhibits the problem?
I'm not sure how much I trust lspci's information, it thinks I have a Xeon
server processor :/ I'm running an Intel i5 Gen 3 Core processor the 3210M
model IvyBridge.
The VGA section for the low-performance side of things states an Intel 3rd Gen
Graphics Controller.  Not a lot of help on that side.

(In reply to comment #1)
> glBitmap, not glCallLists, is probably the real issue.  It might be helpful
> to see the "OpenGL renderer string" from glxinfo to identify the GPU.  I
> suspect the i965 driver needs some sort of glBitmap caching mechanism
> (similar to what's in the gallium state tracker) to improve performance.
Renderer is Mesa 9.0 I believe, like I said, it's using Mesa drivers.

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