[Mesa-dev] r600g: status of my work on the shader optimization

Sebastien Caty scaty at dcinformatique.com
Wed Feb 27 13:30:12 PST 2013

> >> Could you please test glxgears and other simple mesa demos? It's easier
> >> to spot the problems with small apps that don't use a lot of complex
> >> shaders. If some of them don't work correctly, please send me the dumps
> >> with "R600_DUMP_SHADERS=2 R600_SB_DUMP=3".
> >
> > All of the mesa demos work with and without llvm.

Same here running on RV790 (HD 4890)

> >> Also it might help if you can
> >> look for piglit regressions against the piglit results with R600_SB=0
> >> and send me the dumps for a few regressed tests.
> >
> OK, I already got the dumps with piglit regressions on r700, the dump 
> with nexuiz may also help. Thanks.

Do you still need some piglit test on rv790 hardware? I've also tried running 
Serious Sam 3 with the standard, llvm and your optimized backend and SS3 finally 
manages to not be a slideshow above the lowest settings. Great improvement but 
unfortunately there is some graphic corruption. Let me know what you need, I'm 
willing to test!

> Vadim

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