[Mesa-dev] Mesa for Nios ii system

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Mon Jun 24 21:22:26 PDT 2013

Hi there,
I am a new user of OpenGL and Nios ii soft processor. Currently, I am working on a project related to OpenGL and Nios ii.
For this project, I will implement Nios ii soft core processor on Altera DE2 ( an FPGA board). Then I will compile some OpenGL applications with Nios ii IDE for Eclipse and download it onto the embedded system board. The problem is that there is no OpenGL library for this system so I have to modify mesa library to achieve this goal.
Specifically, this Nios ii processor is a general-purpose RISC processor with following features:
   Full 32-bit instruction set, data path, and address space■ 32 general-purpose registers■ Optional shadow register sets■ 32 interrupt sources■ External interrupt controller interface for more interrupt sources■ Single-instruction 32 × 32 multiply and divide producing a 32-bit result■ Dedicated instructions for computing 64-bit and 128-bit products of multiplication■ Floating-point instructions for single-precision floating-point operations■ Single-instruction barrel shifter■ Access to a variety of on-chip peripherals, and interfaces to off-chip memories and peripherals■ Hardware-assisted debug module enabling processor start, stop, step, and trace under control of the Nios II software development tools■ Optional memory management unit (MMU) to support operating systems that require MMUs■ Optional memory protection unit (MPU)■ Software development environment based on the GNU C/C++ tool chain and the Nios II Software Build Tools (SBT) for Eclipse■ Integration with Altera's SignalTap® II Embedded Logic Analyzer, enabling real-time analysis of instructions and data along with other signals in the FPGA design■ Instruction set architecture (ISA) compatible across all Nios II processor systems■ Performance up to 250 DMIPS
Can anyone give me some suggestions where to start the project? Thanks 		 	   		  
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