[Mesa-dev] [PATCH v2] r600g: implement fast color clears on evergreen+

Grigori Goronzy greg at chown.ath.cx
Fri Jun 28 11:46:44 PDT 2013

On 12.06.2013 00:04, Grigori Goronzy wrote:
> Allows MSAA colorbuffers, which have a CMASK automatically and don't
> need any further special handling, to be fast cleared. Instead
> of clearing the buffer, set the clear color and the CMASK to the
> cleared state.
> Fast clear is used only when all bound colorbuffers fulfill certain
> conditions: a CMASK is required, we have to be able to create a clear
> color value for the format and the texture mustn't contain multiple
> images. Technically, it should be possible to support array textures
> and cubemaps if all images are attached to the framebuffer,
> but this does not appear to be common.
> v2: fix fast clear check

Ping? Can anyone please review this?

Best regards

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