[Mesa-dev] glxgears is faster but 3D render is so slow

jupiter jupiter.hce at gmail.com
Wed Mar 6 21:49:49 PST 2013


I built mesa 9.1 with following configuration:

--enable-xlib-glx --disable-dri --with-gallium-drivers=swrast
--enable-osmesa --with-osmesa-bits=32

The mesa package is used by TurboVNC, so xlib glx has to be used
instead of DRI. It works well to gain faster speed in glxgears, but it
has huge problems to render a 3D modules in an application of CHIMERA.

The thing puzzled me is when I use CentOS system provided Mesa 7.11,
the CHIMERA 3D picture rotation works fine despite the glxgears is
very slow (250 FPS).

I am not clear that the slower 3D rendering in my built mesa is
because the DRI or I may miss some configurations. Appreciate any

Thank you.

Kind regards.


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