[Mesa-dev] glxgears is faster but 3D render is so slow

jupiter jupiter.hce at gmail.com
Thu Mar 7 03:58:25 PST 2013


It seems using xlib-glx stopped 3D rotating. If I built mesa 9.1 using
DRI in my local machine, it can rotate 3D picture. Is there anyway
workaround to use xlib-glx for 3D applications?

Thank you.

Kind regards.


> Hi,
> I built mesa 9.1 with following configuration:
> --enable-xlib-glx --disable-dri --with-gallium-drivers=swrast
> --enable-osmesa --with-osmesa-bits=32
> The mesa package is used by TurboVNC, so xlib glx has to be used
> instead of DRI. It works well to gain faster speed in glxgears, but it
> has huge problems to render a 3D modules in an application of CHIMERA.
> The thing puzzled me is when I use CentOS system provided Mesa 7.11,
> the CHIMERA 3D picture rotation works fine despite the glxgears is
> very slow (250 FPS).
> I am not clear that the slower 3D rendering in my built mesa is
> because the DRI or I may miss some configurations. Appreciate any
> advice.
> Thank you.
> Kind regards.
> Jupiter

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