[Mesa-dev] [PATCH 0/6] Gallivm GS and related cleanups

Zack Rusin zackr at vmware.com
Wed Mar 27 17:12:54 PDT 2013

> Wow, that's a lot of code to digest, but it looks good AFAICT (without
> spending hours on it).  I just found some minor nits.
> Nice work!
> Reviewed-by: Brian Paul <brianp at vmware.com>

Thanks Brian! I'm sorry about the large patch, it was one of those "just sit
down and do it" types of coding sessions and by the time I was done with it
the diff got rather large. I've split the breakc/end prim (to answer your
question - they weren't related at all, they were just both visible in the 
same application so I just fixed both in one shot), added some comments and
fixed the things you've found. Thanks a lot for the review!


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