[Mesa-dev] radeonsi: always set the scanout flag?

Marek Olšák maraeo at gmail.com
Tue Nov 26 14:11:32 PST 2013

Does the attached patch fix the issue for you?


On Tue, Nov 26, 2013 at 9:20 AM, Axel Davy <axel.davy at ens.fr> wrote:
> Hi,
> When importing an handle (src/gallium/drivers/radeon/r600_texture.c),
> the RADEON_SURF_SCANOUT flag is always set on SI.
> The code is associated with a comment: /* always set the scanout flags on SI
> */
> I was getting bad tiling mode on Wayland with my radeonsi card, and recent
> Mesa,
> and I discovered that setting this flag there was causing my tiling issue.
> I think one possible reason for this code is X dri2, since the DDX allocates
> the buffers with this flag.
> Could this flag be passed via buffer_get_tiling?
> If not, then there would probably need to force this flag when creating a
> resource on SI.
> But ideally, if it makes a performance difference, we would like to be able
> to control that
> with Wayland when allocating the buffers.
> Axel Davy
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