[Mesa-dev] Patches prepped for 10.2.3 release

Carl Worth cworth at cworth.org
Thu Jul 3 20:20:13 PDT 2014

I've just made a pass over the patches nominated for inclusion in the
10.2 branch. The results can be seen here:


After a bit more testing, I expect to push the queued patches to the
10.2 branch. Then I'll likely let this sit over the weekend and release
10.2.3 next Monday.

Obviously, I'll appreciate any feedback from testing or review.

The list of patches "nominated, awaiting review", (that is, not yet on
master), is starting to grow a bit beyond my comfort level. Fortunately,
nothing there is over a month old, (but getting close in some cases).

If people can take a look at that list and review some, that will be
great, and will help give us a head-start for the next 10.2 release.

As always, thanks to everyone for your careful code and review! That's
what makes this project so awesome.


carl.d.worth at intel.com
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