[Mesa-dev] [Bug 80848] [dri3] Building mesa fails with dri3 enabled

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--- Comment #2 from Emil Velikov <emil.l.velikov at gmail.com> ---
All of the missing symbols are coming from libxcb commit 7983bf0fbdc(Add
support for receiving fds in replies). Commit is part of libxcb-1.9.2 and

Seems like you're missing the PKG_CONFIG_PATH which leads to the lack to the
$PREFIX/include (or similar) -I flags thus the build break.

Juha-Pekka Heikkilä,
Have you build libxcb 1.9.2 or newer in the customer prefix ? If so we'll just
need a oneline fix following Keith's confirmation of the following.


Can you clarify if we need to link against libxcb.so _only_ when building with
dri3 or if this requirement has been there for ages ? Current mesa does not
check for the package thus it picks up the system include/libs.

This may be the key for the issues you and/or others have noticed (steamos-mesa
has all the dri3 patches reverted).


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