[Mesa-dev] [PATCH 1/6] radeonsi: move sampler descriptors from IB to memory

Michel Dänzer michel at daenzer.net
Tue Jul 15 02:53:31 PDT 2014

On 13.07.2014 01:35, Marek Olšák wrote:
> Border colors have been broken if texturing from multiple shader stages is
> used. This patch doesn't change that.


> +/* Upload border colors and update the pointers in resource descriptors.
> + * There can only be 4096 border colors per context.
> + *
> + * XXX: This is broken if sampler states are bound to multiple shader stages,
> + *      because TA_BC_BASE_ADDR is shared by all of them and we overwrite it
> + *      for stages which were set earlier. This is also broken for
> + *      fine-grained sampler state updates.
> + */

I don't think that's accurate, as the BO for storing the border colours
is per-context, not per-shader-stage.

AFAICS the only thing missing is flushing the command stream when we
need to allocate a new BO for that. Might also be a good idea to always
allocate a new BO for this after a flush.

Other than that, the change looks good to me.

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