[Mesa-dev] How difficult would it be to have debugging information for Jitted code show up?

Kenneth Graunke kenneth at whitecape.org
Mon Nov 10 23:18:33 PST 2014

On Tuesday, November 11, 2014 12:27:26 AM Steven Stewart-Gallus wrote:
> Hello,
> Before filing a bug report, I wanted to have ask first how difficult it'd be to
> have debugging information for Jitted code show up be. It occurs to me that this
> probably wouldn't work for precompiled shader sources and that there's probably
> not a lot of code that has been written to support this. However, LLVM obviously
> has support for debugging information and as Mesa relies upon LLVM maybe most of
> the hardwork has already been done? I would guess that this would be easiest for
> software rendering and maybe possible, maybe not possible for the code that uses
> the Intel 3D hardware abilities?
> Thank you,
> Steven Stewart-Gallus

What kind of debugging information are you looking for?

We have a few environment variables already...

   Prints warnings when having to recompile shaders based on GL state;
   also warns when draw-time recompiling stalls the GPU

   Prints out shader assembly, including the number of instructions and loops

   Prints out shader source and compiler intermediate representation

With the Intel driver, we have some tools that can measure instruction counts
across a collection of shaders, and compare between reports:


FWIW, LLVM is not used on Intel, nor (AFAIK) nouveau.  radeonsi and llvmpipe
both require it, and I believe it's optional for r600.

We could certainly add more information, if there's something you're looking
for and not able to find today.  We've been adding things as we've found a
need for them...

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