[Mesa-dev] Mesa 10.4.0 release candidate 3

Emil Velikov emil.l.velikov at gmail.com
Fri Nov 28 10:30:51 PST 2014

Mesa 10.4.0 release candidate 3 is now available for testing. This
is the final release candidate planned before the 10.4.0 release
coming next Friday, Dec 5th.

The tag in the git repository for Mesa 10.4.0-rc3 is 'mesa-10.4.0-rc3'.

Mesa 10.4.0 release candidate 3 is available for download from


263ac25a8052f15fc840d1fa760d26c901f3e92cb11193f039ae3b5640e12249  MesaLib-10.4.0-rc3.tar.gz
60900dcf46f59723d74a19ae0c78739c4d18f6bfc94f3df8829f41b6ee109d59  MesaLib-10.4.0-rc3.tar.bz2
c87b5636d98f4fe7abc10e4e7659507d67f16d2a5f25aa4c9d8a6b354b73de37  MesaLib-10.4.0-rc3.zip

I have verified building from the .tar.bz2 file by doing:

tar xjf MesaLib-10.4.0-rc3.tar.bz2
cd Mesa-10.4.0-rc3
./configure --enable-gallium-llvm
make -j6
make -j6 install



Changes from 10.4.0-rc2 to 10.4.0-rc3:

Chris Forbes (4):
      i965: Handle nested uniform array indexing
      glsl: Generate unique names for each const array lowered to uniforms
      mesa: Fix Get(GL_TRANSPOSE_CURRENT_MATRIX_ARB) to transpose
      i965/Gen6-7: Do not replace texcoords with point coord if not drawing points

Dave Airlie (3):
      r600: fix texture gradients instruction emission (v2)
      r600g: do all CUBE ALU operations before gradient texture operations (v2.1)
      r600g: merge the TXQ and BUFFER constant buffers (v1.1)

Emil Velikov (2):
      nine: the .pc file should not follow mesa version
      Increment version to 10.4.0-rc3

Ilia Mirkin (4):
      nv50/ir: set neg modifiers on min/max args
      nv50,nvc0: actually check constbufs for invalidation
      nv50,nvc0: buffer resources can be bound as other things down the line
      freedreno/ir3: don't pass consts to madsh.m16 in MOD logic

José Fonseca (3):
      util/u_snprintf: Don't redefine HAVE_STDINT_H as 0.
      mapi/glapi: Fix dll linkage of GLES1 symbols.
      st/wgl: Don't export wglGetExtensionsStringARB.

Kenneth Graunke (1):
      glsl: Make lower_constant_arrays_to_uniforms require dereferences.

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