[Mesa-dev] [Bug 88962] [osmesa] Crash on postprocessing if z buffer is NULL

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Wed Feb 4 15:29:21 PST 2015


--- Comment #5 from Park, Jeongmin <pjm0616 at gmail.com> ---
Sorry about the first patch. I didn't see that.

In dri_sw.c, it checks for z/s buffer:
>      if (ctx->pp && drawable->textures[ST_ATTACHMENT_DEPTH_STENCIL])
>         pp_run(ctx->pp, ptex, ptex, drawable->textures[ST_ATTACHMENT_DEPTH_STENCIL]);
and in dri_drawable.c:
>   if (ctx->pp && src && zsbuf)
>      pp_run(ctx->pp, src, src, zsbuf);

Should I remove these checks and add the checks in pp_mlaa.cc instead?

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