[Mesa-dev] Crash with Mesa-10.4.4 and NV68

Arno Willig arno.willig at hertz.st
Fri Feb 27 06:41:54 PST 2015


I experience a crash in the nouveau part of the mesa driver:


in function:

void nv30_vbo_validate(struct nv30_context *nv30)

Sometimes, ve->vertex_buffer_index seems to be greater or equal
nv30->num_vtxbuf. If this happens, PUSH_RESRC crashes!
How can this happen??

I tried to break out of the for-loop
for (i = 0; i < vertex->num_elements; i++)
when the problem appears.
If I do this, the driver won't crash anymore, but some screen elements
are missing.
A short while later I get a GPU lockup message:
> kernel: nouveau E[     DRM] GPU lockup - switching to software fbcon

I can reproduce this crash with a Qt5.3 Quick2 application.

Where would be the next point to look into this?

Can anyone help me with this? Does a mmiotrace help?

My system:
- Board: ASRock N68C-GS FX with NV68 GeForce 7025 OnBoard
- Linux 3.18.4, (32 bit)
- Mesa-10.4.4



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