[Mesa-dev] COMPSIZE function in OpenGL XML registry

Shervin Sharifi shervin0 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 10 11:25:54 PDT 2015


 This may not be the right forum to ask this, but I didn't know of a better
forum, so I thought I can ask here.

 I'm new to OpenGL. I am looking at XML registry for OpenGL and there are
some parameters with attributes containing a function COMPSIZE (I've pasted
an example below).
 I tried to find information on what the COMPSIZE function is, where/how it
is used, etc, but couldn't find documentation or credible information on
the Internet.
 Any information or pointer to that would be really helpful.


This example is from gl.xml in the OpenGL registry:

            <proto>void <name>glBinormalPointerEXT</name></proto>
            <param group="BinormalPointerTypeEXT"><ptype>GLenum</ptype>
            <param><ptype>GLsizei</ptype> <name>stride</name></param>
            <param len="COMPSIZE(type,stride)">const void
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