[Mesa-dev] [PATCH] Fix strict-aliasing violations in GLSL shader list implementation

Davin McCall davmac at davmac.org
Wed Jun 24 06:32:53 PDT 2015

On 24/06/15 03:35, Ian Romanick wrote:
> I'd also like to see assembly dumps with and without 
> -fno-strict-aliasing of some place where this goes wrong. If you, 
> Davin, or someone else can point out a specific function that actually 
> does the wrong thing, I can generate assembly myself. For that 
> matter... how the heck is the ralloc (or any memory allocator) 
> implementation valid?

Ok, got one. In src/glsl/link_varying.cpp, function 
"canonicalize_shader_io". I compiled with gcc 4.8.4 on x86, with 
CFLAGS="-O3 -fomit-frame-pointer -march=corei7". The method has a loop 
that looks like this:

    /* Remove the variable from it's current location in the IR, and put 
it at
     * the front.
    for (unsigned i = 0; i < num_variables; i++) {

With -fno-strict-aliasing (i.e. "correctly compiled")  this becomes 
(with my comments added):

             .p2align 4,,10
             .p2align 3
              # at this point: %ecx = var_table, %eax = ir,
              #    %edi = var_table + num_variables
             movl    (%ecx), %edx # %edx = var_table[i]
             # call to remove() is inlined beginning here:
             movl    4(%edx), %ebp     # %ebp = (%edx)->next
             movl    8(%edx), %esi     # %esi = (%edx)->prev
             movl    %esi, 4(%ebp)     # (%edx)->next->prev = (%edx)->prev
             movl    4(%edx), %esi     # %esi = (%edx)->next(reload)
             movl    8(%edx), %ebp     # %ebp = (%edx)->prev (reload)
             movl    %esi, 0(%ebp)     # (%edx)->prev->next = (%edx)->next
             movl    $0, %esi
             movl    $0, 4(%edx)       # (%edx)->next = NULL
             movl    $0, 8(%edx)       # (%edx)->prev = NULL
             # inlined call to remove() completes.
             movl    (%ecx), %ebp      # %ebp = var_table[i]
             leal    4(%ebp), %edx     # %edx = (struct exec_node *)(%ebp)
             testl   %ebp, %ebp        # NULL check(?!)
             movl    (%eax), %ebp # Note that %eax = ir: %ebp=ir->head
             cmove   %esi, %edx        # %edx = NULL if var_table[i]==NULL
             addl    $4, %ecx          # (i++)
             cmpl    %edi, %ecx        # (i < num_variables?)
             # ir->push_head(var_table[i])
             movl    %eax, 4(%edx)     # var_table[i]->prev = & ir->head
             movl    %ebp, (%edx)      # var_table[i]->next = ir->head
             movl    %edx, 4(%ebp)     # ir->head->prev = var_table[i]
             movl    %edx, (%eax) # ir->head = var_table[i]
             jne     .L59

This more-or-less makes sense (there is an unnecessary NULL check 
generated by the implicit type conversion of ir_variable* to 
exec_node*). Now, without -fno-strict-aliasing it's:

             jmp     .L59 # note this jump
             .p2align 4,,10
             .p2align 3
             movl    %esi, %edi
             # %ecx = var_table, %eax = ir, %edi = ir->head
             # inlined remove():
             movl    (%ecx), %edx # %edx = var_table[i]
             movl    4(%edx), %esi   # %esi = (%edx)->next
             movl    8(%edx), %ebp   # %ebp = (%edx)->prev
             movl    %ebp, 4(%esi)   # (%esi)->next->prev = (%edx)->prev
             movl    8(%edx), %ebp   # re-load (%edx)->prev
             # in this case reload of ->next is omitted
             movl    %esi, 0(%ebp)   #(%edx)->prev->next = (%edx)->next
             movl    $0, 4(%edx) # (%edx)->next = NULL
             movl    $0, 8(%edx)     # (%edx)->prev = NULL

             movl    (%ecx), %edx    # %edx = var_table[i]
             leal    4(%edx), %esi   # %esi = (struct exec node *)%edx
             testl   %edx, %edx      # NULL check
             movl    $0, %edx
             cmove   %edx, %esi
             addl    $4, %ecx        # (i++)
             cmpl    28(%esp), %ecx  # (i < num_variables?)
             movl    %edi, (%esi)    # var_table[i]->next = ir->head
             movl    %eax, 4(%esi)   # var_table[i]->prev = & ir->head
             movl    %esi, 4(%edi)   #ir->head->prev = var_table[i]
             jne     .L74
             movl    %esi, (%eax)    # ir->head = var_table[i]

Note that it doesn't update ir->head in memory until right at the end of 
the loop (i.e. it collapses all writes to ir->head into a single write). 
The current value of ir->head is kept in %edi, and is neither stored in 
nor re-loaded from memory during the loop. This is the problem:  the 
line that sets "(%edx)->prev->next = (%edx)->next" can in fact store to 
ir->head (which is an aliasing violation), so it does need to be 
reloaded after that line (and stored before it).


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