[Mesa-dev] [Bug 92286] Distant geometry renders in front of closer geometry (depth test fail) in DarkRadiant / wxWidgets

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--- Comment #1 from MirceaKitsune <sonichedgehog_hyperblast00 at yahoo.com> ---
The cause of the issue has been at last found, thanks to a suggestion by
OrbWeaver. It was triggered by initializing the WX OpenGL canvas without any
attributes, which caused Mesa to assume no depth buffer at all. I have created
a patch for DarkRadiant which makes it usable.

I guess the question of this bug report remains whether Mesa is doing something
wrong here. On the proprietary video drivers, it's ok to leave the attribs
parameter of wxGLCanvas empty... but for depth buffering to work on Mesa, you
must include WX_GL_DEPTH_SIZE and give it a buffer size.

So if anyone here is familiar with wxWidgets, please take a look at this. If
you think Mesa is doing the right thing, this report can be closed. I don't
know enough to decide that, but to me it feels like depth testing being the
only thing that doesn't work in this scenario denotes a problem.

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