[Mesa-dev] [PATCH] mesa/state_tracker: Fix draw-pixel-with-texture piglit test.

Matthew Dawson matthew at mjdsystems.ca
Mon Oct 5 14:27:21 PDT 2015

On October 5, 2015 03:11:16 AM Marek Olšák wrote:
> Thank you for the patch, but it's not applicable on my (private)
> branch where I'm reworking st/mesa's shader compilation, including
> DrawPixels shaders. Your patch helped to fix it in the new
> implementation at least.
> Sorry for ignoring it in the first place.
Glad to hear it helped at least.  I had a patch against piglit as well that 
made the draw-pixel-with-texture test better test the various functionality, 
but I don't believe that has been merged yet either.  Would you be able to 
pull that patch at least?
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