[Mesa-dev] llvmpipe broken on Skylake Pentium (LP_NATIVE_VECTOR_WIDTH=128)

Adam Jackson ajax at redhat.com
Mon Oct 12 13:47:07 PDT 2015

On Mon, 2015-10-12 at 21:57 +0200, Roland Scheidegger wrote:

> Note that the vector width doesn't really control if avx is used or not,
> since that's a decision which llvm does on its own (we do set it
> manually if we detect avx on our own, but llvm will use avx anyway even
> if we don't if it thinks the cpu supports it with newer llvm versions),
> albeit it would be possible to override this (but this changed
> significantly between llvm versions).

I don't care about AVX working, really.  It might be nice to have but
the performance benefit isn't all that impressive for gnome-shell-like
workloads, and a non-functional desktop is a framerate of 0 so
literally anything would be an improvement.

I patched X86.td in llvm to clamp Skylake at SSE4.2 [1], but it doesn't
help.  More to the point the instructions I'm dying on here aren't AVX
to begin with, the intrinsics we're emitting are SSE4.1 and I would
have hoped llvm could break v4i32 apart on its own.  

> You could give lp_build_create_jit_compiler_for_module() a look, in
> particular builder.setMCPU(MCPU) and related stuff. I believe if you've
> got a core i5 haswell there or something similar (by
> llvm::sys::getHostCPUName()), it will then try to use avx, regardless if
> the avx flag is present or not. This means that theoretically we should
> probably mask off the not supported bits manually somehow, so they
> aren't automatically derived from the cpu type set there (or set a
> different cpu name, but we'd need to bend over backwards to derive the
> correct type). The mechanism to do so seems kind of "meh" for jit code...

I don't think getHostCPUName is the droid I'm looking for:

Breakpoint 1, llvm::sys::getHostCPUName () at Host.cpp:218
218	StringRef sys::getHostCPUName() {
(gdb) finish
Run till exit from #0  llvm::sys::getHostCPUName () at Host.cpp:218
0x00007ffff260e193 in lp_build_create_jit_compiler_for_module (OutJIT=OutJIT at entry=0x8defe8, 
    OutCode=OutCode at entry=0x8df018, M=<optimized out>, CMM=0x8d52c0, OptLevel=<optimized out>, 
    useMCJIT=useMCJIT at entry=1, OutError=OutError at entry=0x7fffffffd300) at gallivm/lp_bld_misc.cpp:480
480	   StringRef MCPU = llvm::sys::getHostCPUName();
Value returned is $1 = {static npos = 18446744073709551615, Data = 0x7ffff16ab9f8 "x86-64", Length = 6}

[1] - https://ajax.fedorapeople.org/llvm-3.6.2-nerf-skylake.patch

- ajax

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