[Mesa-dev] [Bug 92265] Black windows in weston after update mesa to 11.0.2-1

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Wed Oct 14 19:01:11 PDT 2015


--- Comment #17 from Eduardo Lima Mitev <elima at igalia.com> ---
I just sent for review a piglit test that checks that the combination of
internalFormat=GL_BGRA_EXT, format=GL_BGRA_EXT and type=GL_UNSIGNED_BYTE is
valid on TexImageXD and TexSubImageXD, as specified by the extension


This should prevent this regression in the future.

However, this test doesn't pass on master because current handling of GL_BGRA
format allows for this invalid combination (which is checked in the test):

internalFormat=GL_RGBA format=GL_BGRA_EXT and type=GL_UNSIGNED_BYTE


internalFormat=GL_BGRA_EXT format=GL_RGBA and type=GL_UNSIGNED_BYTE

So I also sent a patch to mesa-dev that improves this and make the test pass: 


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