[Mesa-dev] [Bug 92570] 10 bit h264 OMX UVD decode outputs NV12

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--- Comment #2 from Andy Furniss <adf.lists at gmail.com> ---
(In reply to Christian K├Ânig from comment #1)
> Yeah, that's a known issue/unimplemented feature.
> On pre Tonga hardware UVD can actually decode 10 bit h264, but still outputs
> NV12.

So you mean it produces correct output on other h/w like using 10 bit
internally and truncating to 8 bit for output?

If so why not output nv16 or something else 10 bit?

> And so far we didn't had the time to actually implement support for 10bit
> video surfaces used on Tonga so your end result is corrupted.

OK - I guess it is not exactly a needed feature by anyone I'm just testing.

Are there any docs that list the capabilities whether implemented or not of the
various UVDs VCEs and VSR (if that is h/w) 

> BTW: If somebody wants to get his hands dirty this should be rather easy to
> hack together, just not top priority for us.

Maybe easy for those who know what they are doing :-)

Where would someone start to look for inspiration?

On a slightly related note what version of bellagio/gstreamer do you use?

sf.net version needs a bit of patching to even compile and then seems to
install OMX headers that gst-omx doesn't like. I can get there in the end but
wondered whether I am missing some new version hiding somewhere.

I asked on #gstreamer and the only person that replied thought it was
old/broken and not needed - though after looking around he did admit he didn't
know about VCE.

I am just asking to double check that there really is no other way to use
gstreamer and get-omx h/w accel.


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