[Mesa-dev] Arrays of Arrays v5

Timothy Arceri t_arceri at yahoo.com.au
Thu Sep 17 00:02:44 PDT 2015

All AoA es31 conformance tests pass (there is one failing waiting on an SSBO
patch to land).

All AoA piglit tests pass besides the interface tests (support disabled for now see patch 17) 

I also have some more unpolished piglit tests locally that I'm slowly trying
to polish off and submit but there are currently no extra issues here.

Changes in v5:
- Indirect indexing of samplers now supported
- Various updates based on feedback from Ian
- Some previous standalone patches pushed

Changes in v4:
- Desktop support (see patch 17 for limitations)
- Image support
- Much faster constant optimisation pass

Changes in v3:
- Rebased on the tessellation and subroutine changes
- Atomic counter AoA now working including indirect indexing (previously I had broken piglit tests that were always passing as long as the shader compiled)
- Included fix for atomic counters with binding other than 0
- Split the program interface query chages for easier review

Changes in v2:
- Reworked how uniform AoA are handled which simplified things greatly.
- Transform feedback and program interface query now working with AoA.
- Speed up glsl optimisation pass via improvement to dead code elimination.
- Some smaller reviewed patches pushed.

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