[Mesa-dev] Mesa 11.2.0

Emil Velikov emil.l.velikov at gmail.com
Mon Apr 4 13:38:54 UTC 2016

Hello all,

Mesa 11.2.0 is now available.

Huge shout out goes to everyone involved. Thank you for your amazing and
ongoing work !

Here are some of the highlights:

- CI
 - Add Travis-CI configuration file.

- Documented more environment variables, squashed a ton of typos.

- Core mesa
 - Fix locking of GLsync objects.
 - Ongoing work for GL_OES_geometry_shader support

 - Massive amount of fixes - ubo/ssbo amongst others.
 - Significant rework in preparation for GL_ARB_enhanced_layouts support.

- GL
 - Reduced libGL.so binary size (by about 15%)

- Nine
 - Various fixes - multithreading, rounding issues, honour alignments, etc.

 - Add support for WGL_ARB_render_texture

- OSMesa (both classic and gallium)
 - Add new OSMesaCreateContextAttribs() API

 - Android: Add ANDROID_framebuffer_target and ANDROID_recordable support.
 - Wayland: Try to use wl_surface.damage_buffer for SwapBuffersWithDamage
 - X11: Fixed a number of crashes

Video backends:
 - Correct the timestamping during video decoding

 - Disable MPEG4 by default
 - Make the implementation thread safe
 - Add BOB/motion adaptive deinterlacing

- i965
 - Add more KBL PCI IDs
 - Fleshed out libi965_compiler in preparation for Vulkan support

- llvm
 - POWER8 optimised codepaths

- nouveau
 - Renamed various symbols to follow the naming scheme used by Nvidia.
 - Updated against the new nouveau UAPI
 - Initial support for GM20x GPUs
 - Added a nouveau backend for st/va
 - Ongoing work towards compute shaders support
 - More performance counters work - added SM30 (Kepler), removed unused ones.

- radeon(s)
 - Dropped support for LLVM 3.5. LLVM 3.6 or later is required
 - ETC support for Stoney
 - Disable MPEG1 (UVD)
 - Big endian fixes

- svga
 - Avoid emitting redundant commands - SetIndexBuffer, SetVertexBuffers
 - Increase the fence timeout

- virgl
 - Add virtio 1.0 PCI IDs

Platform specific:
- Android
 - Added virgl to the build
 - Handle secondary arch on mixed 32/64bit builds, ARM64 support
 - Fixes when building for SSE 4.1 capable CPU
 - Various compatibility fixes for AOSP build system rework

 - DragonFly support/fixes
 - Removed hardcoded link libraries references (-ldl, -lpthread)
 - Check for correct python binary name.

- Windows
 - Visual Studio 2013 or later is now required

This release adds support for the following extensions:

- GL_ARB_arrays_of_arrays on all gallium drivers that provide GLSL 1.30
- GL_ARB_base_instance on freedreno/a4xx
- GL_ARB_compute_shader on i965
- GL_ARB_copy_image on r600
- GL_ARB_indirect_parameters on nvc0
- GL_ARB_query_buffer_object on nvc0
- GL_ARB_shader_atomic_counters on nvc0
- GL_ARB_shader_draw_parameters on i965, nvc0
- GL_ARB_shader_storage_buffer_object on nvc0
- GL_ARB_tessellation_shader on i965 and r600 (evergreen/cayman only)
- GL_ARB_texture_buffer_object_rgb32 on freedreno/a4xx
- GL_ARB_texture_buffer_range on freedreno/a4xx
- GL_ARB_texture_query_lod on freedreno/a4xx
- GL_ARB_texture_rgb10_a2ui on freedreno/a4xx
- GL_ARB_texture_view on freedreno/a4xx
- GL_ARB_vertex_type_10f_11f_11f_rev on freedreno/a4xx
- GL_KHR_texture_compression_astc_ldr on freedreno/a4xx
- GL_AMD_performance_monitor on radeonsi (CIK+ only)
- GL_ATI_meminfo on r600, radeonsi
- GL_NVX_gpu_memory_info on r600, radeonsi

git tag: mesa-11.2.0

MD5: c2a71920490edc66cebfa3605a3470a4  mesa-11.2.0.tar.gz
SHA1: 147e28fc5a77a5f7e4a01ee0c8fdd6c7d04e2918  mesa-11.2.0.tar.gz
SHA256: dea3d8143929aad5c24ef0993ddb05807b30c284b488fc62903adfcc1c127887  mesa-11.2.0.tar.gz
PGP: ftp://ftp.freedesktop.org/pub/mesa/11.2.0/mesa-11.2.0.tar.gz.sig

MD5: aee389ef4fe00c4251fcb866ca3c510f  mesa-11.2.0.tar.xz
SHA1: df92533f313869a390cc899f0aef4ef23d07b7a4  mesa-11.2.0.tar.xz
SHA256: 1c1fed2674abf3f16ed2623e9a5694d6752c293194e18462ebc644a19cfaafb2  mesa-11.2.0.tar.xz
PGP: ftp://ftp.freedesktop.org/pub/mesa/11.2.0/mesa-11.2.0.tar.xz.sig

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