[Mesa-dev] Newbie task to get started

Marek Olšák maraeo at gmail.com
Mon Apr 11 12:07:57 UTC 2016

Hi Jakob,

Getting familiar with the code should be the first priority. I suggest
you start with a simple feature like adding an easy GL or GL ES
extension into your favourite driver.

You should also use a test suite for testing driver correctness. The
main one everybody should use is called "piglit". Some people also use


On Mon, Apr 11, 2016 at 11:54 AM, Jakob Sinclair
<sinclair.jakob at openmailbox.org> wrote:
> On 2016-04-11 09:14, Jason Ekstrand wrote:
>> Jakob,
>> Thanks for your interest and welcome to the mailing list!
> Thanks!
>> Yes, the NewbieProjects page, as with much of the mesa documentation, is a
>> bit
>> dated.  Before I can really tell you where to start, it would be good
>> to have a bit of background:
>>  1) What graphics hardware do you have access to?  That will influence
>> what you can work on. :-)
> I currently have an R9 280x and is right now running the radeon + radeonsi
> driver. I also have an i5-3570K which makes me able to also work on the
> Intel driver.
>>  2) What kind of graphics experience do you have?  Have you ever
>> written a program that uses OpenGL?
> I have quite a lot of experience working with OpenGL. I have mostly used
> OpenGL for game engines that I have worked on.
>>  3) Do you have any compiler experience?  If not, that's ok, but be
>> warned that you might be getting some. ;-)
> I don't have experience working on any compiler but it would be really
> interesting to work on a compiler.
>>  4) Is there a particular area you like to work on?  If you have
>> something in particular that might help guide what you do.  If you
>> don't have any particular area, that's just fine.
> There is no area in particular that I'm more interested in than others. But
> normally I really like working on optimizations and making it more
> efficient. I don't though have a great deal of experience optimizing code.
>> The only real firm requirement to work on mesa is a decent working
>> knowledge of C.  Beyond that, there are a number of different projects
>> that one could work on that require varying levels of skill and/or
>> experience.  These include writing tests, adding compiler
>> optimizations, or even hooking up simple extensions.
> Thanks for the help! Really appreciate it.
>> On Sun, Apr 10, 2016 at 12:45 PM, Jakob Sinclair
>> <sinclair.jakob at openmailbox.org> wrote:
>>> Hi! My name is Jakob Sinclair and I would like to start contributing
>>> to mesa development. I was wondering if anyone has any easy tasks
>>> that I as a newbie could start working on. I tried looking at
>>> https://wiki.freedesktop.org/dri/NewbieProjects/ [1] but it seems
>>> that page is outdated and most of the tasks over there have already
>>> been done. Thanks in advance for your help!
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>>> Jakob Sinclair
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>> Links:
>> ------
>> [1] https://wiki.freedesktop.org/dri/NewbieProjects/
>> [2] https://lists.freedesktop.org/mailman/listinfo/mesa-dev
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> Mvh Jakob Sinclair.
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