[Mesa-dev] [Bug 96358] SSO: wrong interface validation between GS and VS (regresion due to latest gles 3.1)

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Tue Jul 5 08:05:31 UTC 2016


--- Comment #9 from Arek RuĊ›niak <arek.rusi at gmail.com> ---
Hi Gregory, I have a problem with building mesa with:

Is that commit related to this bug? If not just tell me then I open new raport. 

mesa building time error:

main/uniform_query.cpp: In function 'bool
main/uniform_query.cpp:1086:47: error: cannot convert 'gl_linked_shader* const'
to 'gl_shader*' in assignment
       shader = shProg[idx]->_LinkedShaders[idx];
main/uniform_query.cpp:1087:31: error: 'struct gl_shader' has no member named
       if (!shader || !shader->Program)
main/uniform_query.cpp:1090:22: error: 'struct gl_shader' has no member named
       mask = shader->Program->SamplersUsed;
main/uniform_query.cpp:1093:32: error: 'struct gl_shader' has no member named
          GLuint unit = shader->SamplerUnits[s];
main/uniform_query.cpp:1094:31: error: 'struct gl_shader' has no member named
          GLuint tgt = shader->SamplerTargets[s];
main/uniform_query.cpp:1115:34: error: 'struct gl_shader' has no member named
       active_samplers += shader->num_samplers;
make[5]: *** [Makefile:2971: main/uniform_query.lo] Error 1

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