[Mesa-dev] [Bug 96765] BindFragDataLocationIndexed on array fragment shader output.

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--- Comment #4 from Corentin Wallez <corentin at wallez.net> ---
The bug indicates that "array" and "array[0]" are identical so I'd assume that
the binding done last takes precedence. I'm not sure about AofA, or if it's
even allowed for fragment outputs.

Here's the relevant bit from the bug where a parallel with
ARB_program_interface_query is made:

> I think my recommendation would be to adopt language similar to that for GetProgramResourceIndex(), allowing you to drop the "[0]" but not to address individual elements.  I don't think we want you to be able to assign "array[0]" to location 3 and "array[1]" to location 5, for example.

I also tried the changes you mentioned in Comment 1, while it fixes the values
queried back from the driver, the triangle is still not being shown. Only
making FragColor and SecondaryFragColor to be non-array floats make the
triangle appear.

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